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Running tips for the improving runner. Find out how to build endurance, run faster, cross-train, and make running fun!

how to run a mile faster

Once you’ve conquered your first 5K race the next step is improving as a runner. How do you become a better runner? Should you try and run further or faster?

The great thing about running is there is room for everyone – from slow runners, to speed merchants, track runners to ultra runners. If you want to run faster, follow these tips to run a fast mile or if you’re struggling with distance this advice will help you avoid tired heavy feeling legs.

Some of us struggle with running motivation – these tips will help. Or maybe you just need to make running more fun.

Cross-training and strength training are great ways to help you improve as a runner. Try bodyweight exercises a few times a week and add swimming, cycling, or another sport you enjoy to your training schedule for all-round fitness.

There are many different versions of an ideal body for a runner but find tips to improve your running form and get training tips to improve your running fitness and get the optimum runner’s body.

From running in the rain to running when it’s very hot, the aim is to provide all the advice you need to improve as a runner. Understand the Rating of Perceived Exertion and why it’s important to vary intensity when you run and what mile time you should be aiming for.

Plus here’s a big dose of motivational running quotes to inspire you and get you out the door!