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One Mile Running Guides, Walking Guides And Training Plans

A mile can be the starting point for your fitness goals or a bench mark of performance if you’re an experienced runner. Running a mile is short, fast and hard when you’re aiming for maximum effort.

Your mile time is a reflection of your potential. If you can run a fast mile, you can comfortably run further at a slower pace. It will help your running times for all distances – 5K, 10K, half marathon and even ultramarathons!

One Mile For Beginners

Running or walking a mile a day is an excellent way to get fit. It can make a big difference to your cardiovascular fitness and give you the motivation to lose weight.

How To Run A Faster Mile

Our 4 week training plan will help improve your mile time. Working on how fast you can run a mile is a great exercise for improving your running. It helps with your running form and the speed will help with future longer races.

One Mile Training Guides And Tips