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How Many Steps In One Mile Walking Or Running?

The daily steps you take make an excellent fitness tracker. A great way to set a daily goal. But if you’re measuring your weekly mileage and walking for weight loss, how do you convert steps to miles and how many calories will you burn? Steps in one mile will depend on your average stride length.

How many steps in a mile?

  • Average steps are between 2000 to 2400 for walking and 1000 to 1900 steps for running.

The exact answer depends on your average step length, your fitness level, and your walking or running pace.

How many calories will you burn in one mile?

  • Approximately 80 calories per mile walking and 100 calories per mile running.

There are many variables affecting how many calories you burn such as your fitness, your weight, your walking or running efficiency, walking speed, and incline. Use this neat little tool to calculate calories burned.

how many steps in a mile

✅ If you want an accurate answer to how far you’ve run or walked it’s best to use a GPS tracker. A tracker measures actually distance and speed rather than counting steps.

A Quick Estimate

The number of steps you take in a mile depends on the stride length. An easy way to make an estimate is based on your height. The mile calculator and distances recorded by your mobile app are often estimated this way.

Taller people with longer legs tend to have a longer stride length and take fewer steps to cover the distance. (We all know this of course. There’s a reason Usain Bolt was so fast).

One mile can be anything from 1,000 to 2,400 steps

It’s a big range. So your average miles calculator isn’t very accurate at recording the number of miles. Estimating the length of your stride based on height can give you really inaccurate results. Plus it doesn’t take into account your speed.

A slow walker takes more walking steps to cover a mile than a fast walker. As the pace increases, so does stride length. The difference is even more pronounced for runners.

Plus no one walks at a constant speed. Even an average walker will vary the pace of their daily walk. Sometimes you’re just in a hurry to hit your daily step goal!

how many steps in a mile

Find Your Step Length

If you want an accurate result you need to work out your step length and this will vary at different paces.

Find out how to measure your step length in this article. Your step length, or personal stride length, is the total distance divided by the number of steps.

How Much Is 10,000 Steps In Miles And Calories Burned?

It’s a good idea to work out your slow pace, normal pace, and fast pace for walking.

To find out how many steps you take in one mile of running, you can use the same method. Just measure over a greater distance to get a more accurate answer.

Steps In One Mile Based On Research

This research study in the ACSM’s Health And Fitness Journal looked at the number of steps taken over a mile by a group of walkers and runners at different speeds.

They found that pace made a huge difference to the step count. Walking or running also affected the results. A slow runner at a 12 minute mile pace took more steps to complete a mile than a fast walker at a 15 minute mile pace!

In some ways it makes sense. Running slowly there’s a lot of up and down motion and the stride length is shorter.

The research produced a table you can use to estimate your steps per mile based on your gender, height, and pace. For convenience I’ve reproduced the results below and but you can find the original table here.

Steps In One Mile Walking For Women

Height20 mins/mile18 mins/mile16 mins/mile14 mins/mile
5 ft 0 inches2371224421171991
5 ft 1 inches2357223021031977
5 ft 2 inches2343221620891962
5 ft 3 inches2329220220751948
5 ft 4 inches2315218820611934
5 ft 5 inches2301217420471920
5 ft 6 inches2286216020331906
5 ft 7 inches2272214620191892
5 ft 8 inches2258213120051878
5 ft 9 inches2244211719911864
5 ft 10 inches2230210319761850
5 ft 11 inches2216208919621836
6 ft 0 inches2202207519481821

There are some small differences between men and women of the same height. For example, a woman 5 ft 6 inches in height takes 2033 steps to walk one mile at 16 mins/mile pace but a man of the same height takes 33 steps less.

The study group was small, just 44 walkers and 34 runners, so the difference between male and female of one to two percent is insignificant.

Steps In One Mile Walking For Men

Height20 mins/mile18 mins/mile16 mins/mile14 mins/mile
5 ft 4 inches2282215520281901
5 ft 5 inches2268214120141887
5 ft 6 inches2253212720001873
5 ft 7 inches2239211319861859
5 ft 8 inches2225209819721845
5 ft 9 inches2211208419581831
5 ft 10 inches2197207019431817
5 ft 11 inches2183205619291803
6 ft 0 inches2169204219151788
6 ft 1 inches2155202819011774
6 ft 2 inches2141201418871760
6 ft 3 inches2127200018731746
6 ft 4 inches2112198618591732

Steps In One Mile Running

The table below covers both male and female runners. Again it’s based on the results of the ACSM’s Health And Fitness Journal study.

Height12 mins/mile10 mins/mile8 mins/mile6 mins/mile
5 ft 0 inches1997171014231136
5 ft 1 inches1984169714091122
5 ft 2 inches1970168313961109
5 ft 3 inches1957167013821095
5 ft 4 inches1943165613691082
5 ft 5 inches1930164313551068
5 ft 6 inches1916162913421055
5 ft 7 inches1903161613281041
5 ft 8 inches1889160213151028
5 ft 9 inches1876158913011014
5 ft 10 inches1862157512881001
5 ft 11 inches184915621274987
6 ft 0 inches183515481261974
6 ft 1 inches182215351247960
6 ft 2 inches180815211234947
6 ft 3 inches179515081220933
6 ft 4 inches178114941207920

Reference: ONE-MILE STEP COUNT AT WALKING AND RUNNING SPEEDS Hoeger, Werner W.K. Ed.D., FACSM; Bond, Laura M.S.; Ransdell, Lynda Ph.D., FACSM; Shimon, Jane M. Ed.D., A.T.C.; Merugu, Sunitha B.S., P.T.

How Many Calories Will You Burn In One Mile?

Now that’s a tough question! Why? Because calories burned will depend on how fit you are, your weight, your walking or running efficiency, speed, and steepness of the route.

In general, the faster you walk or run the more calories you burn. However, this has a lot to do with your fitness. Walking at a 16 mins/mile pace becomes easier as your fitness increases. Result? You burn less calories.

A good rule is to always walk or run as fast as possible if you want to maximize calorie burn.

There’s a steep hill called Binsey near where I live. The family joke is it never gets any easier walking up the hill – we just walk faster!

An average guide is you burn 80 calories a mile walking and 100 calories per mile running but using this calculator will give you a better result.

Walking and running are terrific ways to get fit and can help you lose weight if you watch what you eat. Rather than get too hung up on how many calories you’re burning when you exercise, aim to steadily increase your distance and speed.

Even short walks can help with weight loss. The best way is to make walking part of your daily routine. Just 20 minutes of exercise can make all the difference.

The health benefits of physical activity are immense and increasing the number of steps you take a day can improve your mortality rate.

Comment below and let me know how you get on!

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steps in a mile walking or running
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How many steps in one mile?

The number of steps you take depends on your height and how fast you’re walking or running. The range can be anything from 900 to 2,400. Typical values for a woman walking are 2,300 steps and for a man 2,200 steps.

How many miles is 6000 steps?

6000 steps at walking pace is typically 2.6 miles for a woman and 2.7 miles for a man. The distance covered depends on your height and how fast you’re walking.

How many miles should you walk a day?

10000 steps a day or 4 to 5 miles is an excellent goal and will really benefit your health. The average American only walks 3000 to 4000 steps a day so anything above this level is an improvement. Current health guidelines are 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week such as brisk walking. That’s less than 3000 steps a day at 16 min/mile pace. Add this to your everyday general walking and aim for at least 6000 steps a day, 2.5 to 3 miles.

How many steps in a mile running?

It really depends on your height and running speed but a good guide is 1600 steps per mile. Check the table for a more accurate result!

Do you take more steps walking or running?

Most people take more steps walking than running. Typically 2000 steps walking per mile and 1600 steps running per mile. However and accurate result depends on your height, speed, and stride length. Someone running very slowly may take more steps than if they switched to walking at a brisk pace.