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Running is one of the best ways of losing weight. You can burn around 100 calories for every mile of running. The exact amount of calories burned depends mainly on your running speed and current body weight – use our calories burned calculator to find out how many calories you burn during your running workouts.

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Whether you’re looking to just lose a few pounds and get a bit fitter or aiming to reach specific weight loss goals and a normal BMI, running for weight loss can help get you there.

But how do you go about it? Here are a few tips on running your way to weight loss success!

  • First things first – start slow. Take it easy when beginning runs, gradually increasing the distance and intensity as you progress.
  • Set small but achievable goals each day and give yourself a pat on the back when they’re achieved – every step forward counts!
  • Make sure you warm up before each session and cool down afterwards.
  • Investing in good quality running shoes to keep your feet comfortable and help protect against potential injuries.

Find out how running for weight loss works and how to get started with my running for weight loss plan. These are the tips you need to get results. From frequently asked questions such as does running burn belly fat fast to all the tips you need to get the most out of your running.
Running can be so much better with friends to help you stay motivated. Try joining a local club and become part of the running community. Runners never judge beginners – we can all remember our first running steps – expect a friendly welcome!
Just remember your diet is just as important as exercise when you’re trying to lose weight. Don’t try and change your diet all at once. Aim to make small sustainable improvements to your diet. Swap high-calorie foods for healthy alternatives.