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Training plans for runners from Couch to 5K to 10K, Half Marathon, and even ultra running. Use these plans to get your running on track!

Train with others to improve your running
Are you a complete beginner or ready to take your running game to the next level? A structured training plan can help make sure that every mile is used to its full potential. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your running plan!

  • First, decide on a fitness goal. Having a specific goal in mind will help you structure your plan; whether it’s signing up for your first 5K, simply trying to build endurance, or trying to run faster – having an end result in sight helps keep motivation levels high throughout the process.
  • If you’re a brand new runner, aim to get 6 to 12 months of running in your legs before adding speedwork to your runs. Running faster tends to have a higher injury risk so it’s best to build a solid running base first.
  • Next, set a timeline; gradually increasing mileage over time is key when it comes to running – don’t be tempted to push yourself too hard or you risk injury or worse – burnout! Make sure to leave some room for rest days – they’re essential for getting the most out of your running.
  • It helps to find someone who is willing to join you along the way. Having someone else by your side makes it easier (and more fun!) to stick with training goals. You have to show up for a training session if someone’s waiting to meet you!
  • Lastly, make use of the running tips on this site to help you improve as a runner!