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Nutrition guides, information, and resources to help you reach your ideal body weight and fuel your runs and walks.

Eating healthy nutritious food is not only good for you, but it’s also the best way to lose weight and fuel your running and walking. The most popular and successful diets have whole grains, lean protein, vegetables, some fruit, and small quantities of healthy fats at their core.

Slow and steady weight loss wins out. It’s better to lose 1 – 2 lb a week and keep it off for good than lose weight too quickly.

eat better - go easy on the smoothies

Fueling and Nutrition for Runners & Walkers

Find out what you should be eating to fuel your runs and walks. Get tips for cutting back on calories and ideas for tasty nutritious meals that fill you up and stop you from reaching for high-sugar high-fat snacks.

Ideas for pre-race breakfasts, tips to stop thinking about food, and guides to eat better. Meal plan to make sure you always have some nutritious food to grab and go!