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11 Habits Of Women Who Never Gain Weight

Sometimes losing weight is the easy part. You’re all fired up and motivated to get your weight loss down to that dream goal level. But what happens when you get there?

It’s the maintenance stage that throws so many people. Adopting healthy eating will make it easier, but here’s a full list of the lifestyle habits of women who never gain weight.

It’s based on my observations of friends who always have perfect bodies and years of scanning celebrity tips on social media. It isn’t down to luck and good genes, there’s lots of willpower and healthy habits.

women who never gain weight

11 Best Habits Of Women Who Maintain A Healthy Weight

#1 Stick To A Meal Routine

Women who maintain their weight keep to regular meal times and avoid snacking. Eating at roughly the same time every day makes it far easier to eat a consistent amount of calories.

It can also help to follow a weekly menu or taken to extremes, Victoria Beckham has eaten the same evening meal of grilled fish and steamed vegetables for over 25 years!

#2 They Know Exercise Isn’t Enough

There are very few people who exercise hard enough every day to eat exactly what they want. Climbing 7000 m+ mountains is the only time I can think of when you can eat 24/7 and not gain any weight.

Women who never gain weight are mindful of what they eat. They know that exercising hard isn’t an excuse to over-indulge. That doesn’t mean they never have any treats but they won’t indulge their sweet tooth every day.

#3 Choose Healthy Fats

Fast food is never a good meal choice. It’s addictive and full of trans-fats that are linked to a risk of heart disease. Women who never gain weight opt for healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, and oily fish.

#4 They Eat Their Veggies

Vegetables and fruit are high in nutrients which are not only good for you, they satisfy your cravings and stop you from reaching for junk food. Make sure you get your 5-a-day and if you can make it 8-a-day, or 10-a-day even better.

Women who never gain weight know that vegetables and fruit have a low-calorie density and are a good way to feel full. Follow their habits by eating your fruit whole instead of reaching for a juicer.

#5 They Pack Healthy Snacks

The bane of anyone trying to lose or maintain weight is temptation. The best way to avoid it, when you’re out and about, is to always have a healthy alternative to hand.

Women who never gain weight always have healthy snacks to hand such as nuts, fruit, or hard-boiled eggs.

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#6 Women Who Never Gain Weight Check Food Labels

It’s not always possible to avoid processed food but a top tip is checking food labels. Watch out for hidden sugars, high salt, or unhealthy fats.

Women who stay in shape keep informed about food nutrition and know which types of food to avoid.

#7 They Use Smaller Plates

The problem with big bowls and plates? You’re tempted to fill them! Make your eating choices easier by choosing small plates. It can make a big difference.

Women who never gain weight will avoid temptation by using smaller plates.

#8 They Love Exercise

Exercise may not be enough to let you eat to excess, but it will help you maintain your weight. Walk more and move often. Women who stay in shape know exercise is good for them and they enjoy it!

Find an exercise regime you love or pick a daily walking distance you can stick to. (It doesn’t have to be 10,000 steps a day but it does need to be regular). Mix things up and try out some of these fitness tips.

#9 Women Who Stay In Shape Drink Wisely

When it comes to fluids, water is always best. Watch out for hidden calories and try to avoid artificial sweeteners.

Be aware of the calories in fruit juice – it’s best to consume your fruit whole or at least stick to one small glass of fruit juice a day. Women who stay in shape will remember to stay hydrated and rarely drink alcohol.

#10 And Sit Less

Women who never gain weight stay active during the day. They don’t just exercise and then spend the rest of the day sitting down.

If you have a desk job, this one is difficult, but try to get up and move around frequently. Stand up every hour and walk around.

lose weight and keep it off

#11 They Eat Mindfully

You won’t find women who never gain weight grazing while they scroll through Instagram. Eating is an occasion to be savored.

Try and avoid the grab-and-go culture around eating. Take the time to eat properly. Sit at a table and slow down. It can help to drink a glass of water before you eat to make sure you’re not confusing thirst for hunger.

Thoughts From Love Life Be Fit

It’s very easy to regain weight after a diet. Being able to lose weight and keep it off is the real challenge. One study found that most people regained 50% of weight loss within one year. In general, diets don’t work and it’s better to change your eating and exercise habits.

Women who never gain weight have adapted their lifestyle habits to move more and eat better.

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