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Self Care Night Routine: 9 Things To Do Before You Go To Bed

Sleep better and have a more productive day with a good self care night routine. These suggestions will help you feel more energized and ready to take on the day.

We all know the importance of good sleep. Awaken after a good night’s sleep and you’re full of positivity, energy, and good vibes. Miss out and you’re likely to feel tired, irritable, and have a difficult day. But a good evening routine can be about more than just sleeping well. You can use it for self-improvement, relaxation, and a moment of indulgence after a busy day.

Follow these 9 tips to build your perfect self-care night routine.

self care night routine

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#1 Have A Quick Clear Up

If you’re like me, the house doesn’t need to be perfect but it needs to be reasonably tidy or the disorder starts to grate. Even after a busy day, I’d rather put away a few things and give the kitchen a quick wipe-down than wake up to mess, crumbs, and muddy floors the following day.

Maybe it just says something about my OCD but I find it easier to relax in a reasonably tidy space. It helps put me in a positive mood and I feel more productive.

If you have a family – get everyone to help! A ten-minute bedtime tidy time is all it takes.

#2 Prepare For The Following Day

I will toss and turn at night worrying about what I need to do or take with me the following morning if I have a busy day ahead. The one thing that helps is preparing for the following day before I go to bed.

Give it a try! Lay out your clothes, plan any journeys, and make sure you’re ready for any work assignments. It’s also good to meal prep your lunch and prepare some healthy snacks.

Getting ready the night before leaves more time for your morning routine. You can fit in a morning walk or run, or just linger a little longer over breakfast before rushing out to start the day.

self care bedtime routine

#3 Take A Shower

Bubble baths look perfect in romantic films but not everyone has a bathtub or the time for a long soak. Fortunately, a quick shower can be far more refreshing and it’s a lot more efficient at washing away the grime, (especially if you’re a runner).

Wash away your cares and slip into your comfiest pajamas. Feeling clean and cozy is always relaxing. Follow up with a little pampering by paying attention to your skincare routine. When did you last show your body some love? Try an overnight moisturizer.

#4 Improve Your Sleep Environment

A comfortable bed and fresh clean sheets are some of the obvious improvements you can make to your sleeping arrangements. But what about blackout curtains, a sleep mask, or a white noise machine?

Unwanted noise and light pollution are two big factors affecting the quality of your sleep. In an ideal world, you’ll always have access to a dark and quiet bedroom. In reality, few of us live in picturesque homes surrounded by countryside and have to cope with traffic noise, barking dogs, and bright street lights.

But you can do something about it. My first tip is to use a sleep mask. I started using one about 5 years ago and it made such a difference. Our neighbors across the street had a very bright security light that reacted to movement. Any movement! So when a cat walked through their garden at 3 am, the light would flicker on and shine directly into my bedroom waking me up.

I now use this sleep mask and it’s amazing. It cuts out all light and stays in place even when I toss and turn at night. You could switch on the main bedroom light and I probably wouldn’t notice!

My second tip helps with unwanted noise. White noise, steady, static-like sounds can drown out disturbing noises and help you sleep better. I discovered this when I started using this Levoit Air Purifier a year ago to help with dust allergies.

The air purifier doesn’t just stop me from sneezing. The white noise it generates helps me feel I’m in a safe place. Any outside noises such as traffic sounds or dogs barking become very distant. I’m convinced the noise helps me sleep.

You can get the same effect with a humidifier, a sleep app on your phone, or using a sound machine.

#5 Drink Some Herbal Tea

This is such an easy change – I don’t know why I didn’t try it before. I’ve recently replaced my usual nighttime drink with herbal tea.

I’ve always known that drinking my regular caffeinated tea just before I go to bed at night wasn’t the smartest idea. But it was a habit.

For the last month, I’ve swopped my nightly caffeine hit for a mug of herbal tea and I’ve been drinking it earlier – an hour before I go to bed. I’m convinced I’m falling asleep faster and I’m not getting up to pee in the middle of the night!

Herbal tea has been used as a natural medicine for centuries and is often rich in antioxidants. This Pukka Night Time Tea is my favorite. Containing chamomile, lavender, and oat flowers, I just love its delicate flavor – one mug gets me ready to sleep. It’s been a big improvement to my self care night routine.

#6 Light Stretching Or Pajama Yoga

The last thing you want to do late at night is strenuous exercise. But light movement is a wonderful way to relax and unwind.

This 20-minute bedtime yoga session is just right for transitioning into a blissful state before sleep. There’s no need to change into your yoga clothes – you can do these gentle exercises in your pajamas!

self care pajama yoga

#7 Journaling

Journaling can be therapeutic. It’s a great way to clear your mind before going to bed. Spend a few moments writing down any worries, thoughts, or ideas.

It’s also an opportunity to practice gratitude and reflect on the positives of your day. Think about where you can improve tomorrow and set yourself a couple of achievable tasks.

Journaling helps you track your self-improvement over time and see how far you’ve come in achieving your goals. Plus it’s a simple but effective way to end your day on a positive note.

All you need is a pen and paper, but a guided journal can be a big help. This 5-Minute Journal helps you reflect on the good things that have happened in your day, even if it wasn’t the best, and helps you focus on changes you can make for tomorrow.

#8 Read A Book

Before switching out the light, I like to read a chapter of a real book. There’s something about turning the pages of a book that can be so relaxing and reading always transports me briefly into another world.

It’s a great way to disconnect from technology and wind down after a busy day. Choose a book you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be a new book – sometimes I’ll reread an old favorite.

#9 Set Phone To Sleep Focus

The last thing I’ll do at night is make sure my phone is in sleep mode. This way I’m undisturbed until my alarm goes off the following morning. No notifications popping up, no unwanted calls, and my screen stays dimmed until it’s time to wake up.

Thoughts From Love Life Be Fit

These are the steps I take to get a better night’s sleep and work on my self-improvement. This self care night routine helps me wake up full of positive energy and ready for the day ahead.

Give these suggestions a try and use some of them to build your own self care routine. You’re not being selfish taking time to work on your own needs. Remember that self-care is essential for a healthy and happy life, so make it a priority!

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