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5 Simple Self Care Ideas That Will Make A Big Difference

Have you ever found that making one small inconsequential change sparks off a much bigger chain of events? That’s the impact these simple self-care ideas can have. It’s a bit like arriving at a train station ten minutes early. There’s time to grab a coffee and plenty of space to stow your bag when you find your seat. All set for a relaxing journey. Arrive late, and you’re facing a stressful trip without refreshments with your bag balanced on your lap.

Just simple changes can make a difference. I used to worry about finding parking spots. These days I don’t. I just tell myself there will be somewhere to park at the end of the journal and nine times out of ten I find a convenient spot. Positivity works. Of course, sometimes I end up parking a little further away than is strictly ideal but at least I haven’t wasted time worrying about it. Plus any excuse to bump up my step count has to be good!

Give these simple self-care ideas a try and you could be wowed by the results!

simple self care ideas - walk in the fresh air

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1. Find The Bad Habit That Negatively Impacts Your Day And Stop Doing It

This is going to be different for everyone. For me, it’s reaching for my phone the minute I wake up. I don’t need to know the latest news or what’s happening on social media first thing in the morning. The days I leave my phone to one side and have a few moments of reflection and meditation, my day gets off to a better start.

So think about it and figure out what bad habit you can change. It could be compulsively checking emails or skipping breakfast and grabbing fast food for lunch. Whatever it is, make a conscious effort to eliminate it. You could be surprised how just one small change positively impacts your day.

2. Cut Back On Caffeine

I’m writing this while drinking my first coffee of the day. It’s one of my favorite moments, that first caffeine hit. But like me, I’m sure you’ve noticed that the second or even third cup doesn’t have the same impact. Drink too much coffee, or even tea and I’m crabby and restless by the end of the day. Plus I’ve usually blown all my good intentions for healthy eating.

Try cutting back on the caffeine. By all means, enjoy your first cuppa but you can drink it a little later than normal. Herbal teas make a wonderful alternative. Many of them have health-promoting properties and they won’t give you the caffeine shakes!

Simple Self Care Ideas

3. Start A Journal

Journaling can help manage anxiety, reduce stress, and cope with depression. Just simply setting aside a few minutes to write every day can help with positive self-talk.

You can keep a journal on your phone but I always prefer to use pen and paper. There’s something special about starting a new journal. It’s a bit like shouting out to the world “I’m going to make a positive change to my life starting now!”

It’s up to you what you write about in your journal. There are no set rules. Journaling is your safe space. It’s not about having cute illustrations and neat handwriting. It’s about getting clarity from your thoughts.

Try to write regularly and make journaling a habit. Otherwise, you’ll end up with lots of empty notebooks lying around the house! I find it helps to use a timer and set a 5-minute rule. Write about whatever comes into your head for 5 minutes.

It could be:

  • 3 things you’re grateful for.
  • Setting your goals for the day.
  • Your positive daily self-affirmation.

I find a guided journal can be a big help, especially when you’re new to journaling. This 5-Minute Journal helps you start the day full of positivity and purpose, focused on the day ahead. At the end of the day, you’ll reflect on the good things that happened, even if you didn’t have the best of days, and the changes you can make for tomorrow. It’s a simple self-care idea with a lasting impact.

Intelligent Change: The Five Minute Journal - Original Daily Gratitude Journal 2024 for Happiness, Mindfulness, and Reflection

4. Take A Daily Walk (Or Run)

Of course, at Love Life Be Fit we place a huge emphasis on the importance of exercise. But exercise doesn’t have to be painful or take up a big chunk of your day.

Just stepping outside for a 20-minute walk will make a big difference to your fitness level and just as importantly, it’s a real benefit to your mental health. Even brisk walking for just a mile a day increases your mental alertness, energy, and positive mood.

Add this simple self-care idea to your daily routine and you’ll soon start to notice the benefits. You’ll find lots of resources on this site to help you walk every day. Here are a few to get started:

running and walking help with mental health

5. Make One Small Improvement To Your Diet

The issue with most diets is that they completely change the way you eat. That might be sustainable for a week or two, but eventually, most people crack and eat something they’re craving. Often that’s the end of the diet and you’ll quickly go back to your old way of eating.

Or maybe you do stick to the diet. But what happens when you reach your target weight? Do you manage to keep the weight off?

Let’s face it. The diet industry makes a lot of money but rarely delivers lasting results. It’s better to be realistic about your eating habits and start with small changes.

Try making one small improvement to your diet. Keep that one small improvement going until it becomes a habit and then add another small improvement. Small steps but lasting results.

Thoughts From Love Life Be Fit

These simple self-care ideas are easy to add to your routine and can have a big impact on your welfare. It’s important to make time for yourself and focus on your personal health.

Approach self-care from a position of kindness. It’s not a competition. Find a few small things in your life that could be better and work at improving them.

Enjoy this post? Get more self-care ideas and try our 30-Day Self Care Challenge.

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