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How To Run In The Morning (When You Really Don’t Want To)

I’m definitely not a morning person. Most days, I’ll make a mug of tea and take it back to bed with me. I just need a little bit longer than those super-bouncy morning people to fully wake up. But that doesn’t mean I don’t run in the morning.

Running in the morning is convenient. You can get your run out of the way before the rest of the day takes over. So when your boss wants you to stay late or you’re hit with a family emergency, it doesn’t wreck your running schedule.

These tips aim to make morning runs not just possible but even enjoyable. Make them part of your healthy morning routine. Warning! There’s a risk you’ll be converted to a morning runner…

how to run in the morning

10 Tips To Help You Become A Morning Runner

If you want to start running in the morning and need some motivation, try these ideas:

#1 Set A Target

Planning to get up in the morning for a run is a lot easier if you have a target. Start with something small that isn’t too daunting. It could be “I’m going to run in the morning every weekday for two weeks”.

#2 Brace Yourself For An Early Rise

There are two ways to make yourself get up early. Just get up and go when the alarm goes off before you’re fully awake, or practice going to bed earlier so you have a good 7 to 8 hours sleep.

I normally manage something in between. I’ll tough out the first few runs until my body starts crying out for early nights. This way it’s easier to get an early night. It helps to set a reminder for bedtime!

how to run in the morning

#3 Lay Out Your Running Clothes Or Wear Them To Bed

Wearing your running clothes to bed can be a neat trick on cold winter nights. But I draw the line at sleeping in a sports bra.

Preparation is key – If your running clothes are laid out ready, you’ll be quicker heading out the door.

#4 Nail Your Morning Routine

Everyone has a different approach to running in the morning. If I have time, I’ll wake up properly with a mug of tea and even have a small snack before my run. On busy days, I’ll just get dressed and drink a glass of water before lacing up my trainers.

Experiment: find out what works and where you can improve. Just make sure you know exactly what to do when the alarm goes off.

morning run routine

#5 Rehydrate

Always drink a glass of water before your morning run. Forget and you’ll regret it a mile into your route.

#6 Plan Your Route

Where are you running and how long is it going to take? If you’re on a tight schedule for work or the school run, you can’t afford to get this wrong. Build in some contingency just in case!

#7 Stay Safe

If you’re running in the dark, keep to well-lit pavements and popular running routes. It helps to wear reflective clothing to be seen by motorists.

Follow your normal rules for personal safety – let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back. I tend to run on my own in the mornings but having a running buddy is a good idea and will keep you accountable for those early morning starts.

Alternatively, run on a treadmill at home or in the gym.

#8 Run Fasted

Running without eating in the morning is doable for most people if the run is short. I find I can run 2 miles fasted, but if I’m running 5 miles I eat a small snack before I run.

early morning run

#9 Warm Up

Your warm-up routine for your early runs will be short (or non-existent), so make sure you set off slowly. Run the first mile at an easy pace.

#10 Slow Down

A morning run is rarely the time to run intervals or do speedwork. Expect to run a little slower than your normal pace.

Thoughts From Love Life Be Fit

It’s a lot easier if you start your morning running in the warm summer months. It can take an iron will to leave a warm bed to run in the cold.

I find it helps to set small rewards. A real coffee to look forward to at the end of my run. Knowing I can put my feet up after work and watch a movie because I’ve already had my daily dose of exercise. These little treats are a great incentive.

Running in the morning does get easier. Start with small distances, once or twice a week, and build up a routine. You’ll be rewarded with peaceful early runs and epic sunrises!

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