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Walking is one of the best ways to get fit. Find out how to get started walking for beginners, follow tips to lose weight, enter a walking event and enjoy all the health benefits of walking. Ready to go?

walking program for beginners

Walking is an underrated form of exercise that can provide major health benefits from improving your mental health to protecting against chronic diseases. Walking for beginners is accessible to everyone!
Make sure you’re walking at a brisk pace with an elevated heart rate – you should still be able to talk and walk but brisk walking is more than an easy stroll!
Make sure you choose the right shoes. The shoes you wear casually aren’t necessarily adequate when you’re walking; look for ones with good arch and heel support as well as cushioning in the sole – this helps distribute pressure more evenly as you walk and prevent common injuries like shin splints.
Next, find a safe route. Stick to sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly areas during the day – parks are great! If you’re walking when it’s dark it’s best to wear reflective clothing so drivers can see you more easily. Also, watch your footing – it’s easy to trip on uneven paving slabs when it’s dark Using a decent headtorch is a good idea. Try walking in nature for maximum stress relief!
Finally, dress for the weather conditions. If it’s cold, layer up with thin layers of synthetic breathable fabrics. You can always take a layer or two off when you’ve warmed up. In hot weather, it’s best to take some water with you.