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7 Tips For Walking In The Rain (To Make It More Enjoyable)

If you’re following a walking-for-fitness plan or trying to walk every day, at some stage you’re going to end up walking in the rain. Of course, you could walk indoors on a treadmill or even try walking in place but it’s just not the same as getting your daily dose of fresh air.

The hardest part about your walk in the rain will be leaving the house. Watching water streaming down your windows is enough to put anyone off venturing outside. But don’t let a little rain stop you from getting your steps in! Here are 7 tips to make walking in the rain more enjoyable:

walking in the rain

1. It Won’t Be As Bad As You Think!

It may look cold and wet outside but if you’re wearing the right clothing, you’ll soon warm up and get into your stride.

Walking in the rain can be fun and refreshing. You get to splash in puddles, (there’s nothing wrong with tapping into your inner child), and the air is cleaner with an abundance of negative ions that are good for your health and immunity.

2. Dress For The Weather

Unless you’re living in the tropics where you’re walking in the rain, you’ll need protection against the cold and wet. A good waterproof rain jacket is essential. Make sure you buy one with taped seams or you’ll soon find the rain working its way into your inner layers.

Ponchos can be good if you can pull off the look but leave your umbrella at home. You need to be able to swing your arms freely if you’re walking with good form.

It can be hard to get the right combination of clothing when you walk in the rain. You’ll feel cold when you leave the house, but a mile into your walk and you can soon be overheating. It’s best to start off walking feeling just slightly cold as you step out of a heated house and wear several thin layers you can peel off as you start to warm up.

Wearing waterproof shoes is down to personal choice. They’ll keep your feet drier, to begin with, but can quickly become sweaty. I used to wear them for slow walks with a toddler when I knew I’d be hanging around and could quickly get cold.

Wellies are good for short easy walks on muddy lanes but impractical if you’re walking for fitness. Instead, resign yourself to getting muddy feet – walking shoes can always be cleaned!

walking in the rain

3. Protect Your Phone

Unless you’re okay with returning from a hike and finding your phone’s been ruined – keep it out of the rain!

A top tip is don’t trust pockets – outer pockets are rarely watertight. I always put my phone in a plastic bag even if there’s only a slight chance of rain. Alternatively, invest in a waterproof phone cover.

4. In Really Wet Weather – Choose A Suitable Route

Rain can change everything. Dry easy trails can quickly become slippery death traps and sidewalks can flood forcing you onto the road.

Be aware of the hazards. If you’re walking in the city make sure you keep to well-lit paths and sidewalks – motorists may struggle to see you in heavy rain. Wear something bright!

walk in the rain

5. Adapt To The Conditions

Allow longer to complete your walk in wet conditions. You may need to take smaller steps to avoid slipping – it helps to wear walking shoes or trainers with good tread.

If you’re walking in the hills consider using walking poles – descents can be tricky in the wet.

6. Stay Hydrated

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water. You’ll still need to take your water bottle on your walk!

7. Change Out Of Wet Clothes As Soon As You Finish Walking

Hanging about in wet clothing after your walk is never a good idea. It may be a myth that you can catch a cold but you can quickly feel chilled right through.

Unless you want to end up shivering, change into dry clothes as soon as you get back from your walk. If I’ve driven somewhere for a wet day walk, I’ll always leave a change of dry clothes in the car ready for when I get back.

wear a good waterproof rain jacket

Thoughts From Love Life Be Fit

Don’t let rain stop you from having fun and getting your daily dose of exercise. Where I live in the English Lake District I’d never manage to stay fit if I couldn’t cope with getting wet!

With the right clothing and sensible wet-day route choices, you can enjoy your walks – rain or shine. You may find these related posts helpful:

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