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10 Life-Changing Benefits Of Running A Mile A Day

One mile a day. That can be all it takes to make a life-changing boost to your health and well-being. Taking 10-15 minutes to run a mile a day could be the most important investment in your health you’ll ever make.

The best bit is, that running a mile a day is within the reach of just about everyone. It’s not too far to overdo it and risk injury, and if you haven’t run for a long time you can start by walking briskly.

Take our 30-Day Running A Mile A Day Challenge for beginners and read on to discover why you need the life-changing benefits of running a mile a day.

benefits of running a mile a day

Benefits Of Running A Mile A Day

These are some of the top benefits of running 1 mile a day:

1. You’ll Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Instead of gasping for breath every time you climb a flight of stairs, you’ll skip up those stairs with ease. When you run a mile a day, you’re hitting the CDC recommendations for aerobic activity.

Add some strength training such as these bodyweight exercises and you’ll be giving your body the best possible chance of being fit and healthy in later life.

2. Running Makes You Feel Good About Yourself

If you have a negative body image, running will help you love yourself. Just knowing that your amazing body can get out the front door and run a mile every day will change how you think about yourself.

It’s not just those incredible endorphins from running, (although they do help), it’s the enjoyment of movement, feeling your body respond when you place one foot in front of the other, and knowing your body has a purpose other than to eat chips on the couch!

life changing benefits of running

3. It Helps With Aches And Pains

If you have a desk job and you spend all day sitting down (just like me) your body aches. Your back, shoulders, and neck all start to grumble. Bodies are designed to move and running a mile a day will help you get out of that chair to get your daily dose of exercise.

4. It’s Not Too Far

Even on days when you don’t feel like exercising, a mile is just a mile. It won’t take long. Most beginners take just 10-12 minutes to run a mile.

If you’re really struggling you can always walk. On a bad day, I’ll start by walking and I can guarantee that by the end of the mile, I’ve started to run. Often it’s getting started that’s the hardest part.

5. The Discipline Spills Into Other Parts Of Your Life

I think deep down we all crave the stability of routine. Running a mile a day can give you that. At a certain time every day, you run a mile. And when you have discipline in one part of your life it helps in others. From diet to work productivity, that one-mile-a-day challenge can help you make better decisions.

6. It Can Be Good For Your Mental Health

Running regularly helps me greet the world with a smile. A mile a day can help with mild anxiety and depression and many runners see their daily run as essential for letting off steam and having a positive mindset.

7. It Can Be A Stepping Stone For Bigger Challenges

Maybe you’ve watched people running a marathon in awe and decided there’s no chance you could ever complete one. Well, every runner starts with small beginnings.

A mile a day can be a stepping stone for longer distances. It can help you ease into a 5K running plan and before you know it you’ve got the running bug and you’re signing up for a 10K or even a half marathon!

8. Helps Protect Your Body From Disease

From adding more years to your life to reducing the risk of cancer and diabetes, running a mile a day is an easy way to change your life. Discover these 12 Science-Backed Benefits of why running is good for you.

9. You’ll Become Part Of The Running Community

I have always found running to be the best way to connect with people and make lasting friends. It can be a lifesaver when you move to a new town or city and want to get to people.

Running a mile a day can lead to joining a running club, taking part in fun runs or even helping out at events. The running community is full of supportive, positive people who can really help with your self-image.

10. It’s A Form Of Self Care

My daily run is “me-time. It’s a way of getting out of my head and seeing those little worries and irritations in a better light. Even major issues seem easier to cope with after a run.

A daily exercise regime is one of the best investments you can make in your self-care.

Thoughts From Love Life Be Fit

Many people take up running to lose weight and to get a runner’s body, but running one mile a day has so much more to offer from improved mental health to better self-care and running friendships.

Most people can launch into running a mile a day without any negative consequences but if you haven’t exercised in a long time, get a check-up from your doctor first and start with a walking plan.

Make sure you wear good supportive running shoes and if you wake up from your first few days of running feeling stiff and tired, take a rest day and go for an easy walk instead.

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