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How Running Clubs Help You Find Love (Better Than Dating Apps)

Red-faced, sweaty, and having a bad hair day sums up my running. It’s hardly the stuff of love. Yet joining a running club could be the best relationship advice you’ll ever get. Read on to find out how running clubs are replacing dating apps and why you need to join one:

running dating apps

Running Clubs Are A Great Way To Make Friends

Every time work has forced me to move to a new place or even a strange country, running has come to the rescue. It’s a quick way to make real lasting friendships.

Running clubs will help you become a better runner but more importantly, they’ll help you find your community. There’s nothing like suffering with others on a long run to break down social barriers.

Of course, joining a running club in search of love is a little cringy, but start with the aim of friendship and you could find yourself in a relationship. I can think of several of my friends who’ve met this way and my own running club has been the source of two recent marriages.

running dating apps

They Give You Confidence

Social media will give you a false impression of a runner’s body. Yes, running is good for you but not everyone will have the perfect body you’ll find on Instagram. Joining a running club will help you realize that runners come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities.

You can still call yourself a runner however fast you run or whatever you look like. Good running clubs are supportive and cater for all abilities. They’ll help you gain confidence in your running which spills over into other parts of your life. When you feel good about yourself, it’s easier to find love.

You’ll Have A Bigger Network Of Friends

Joining a running club rapidly boosts your friendship network and unlike dating apps, you all have something in common. You won’t have to explain the need to get up for an early morning run, apologize for smelly shoes drying under the radiator, or see your partner cringe at your black toenails!

You’ll Form Stronger Relationships

There’s no hiding when you’re out for a run. Other runners get to see the real you. It’s a bit like reverse dating – instead of a first date where there’s pressure to be perfect, you’re getting the this is what I’m like 6 months into a relationship version.

There’s Less Pressure

I don’t think anyone likes dating. Finding a stranger on a dating app, plucking up the courage to meet, deciding what to wear, engaging in small talk… for me, it’s the stuff of nightmares!

Getting to know someone first through a shared interest is so much easier. If you’re looking for love, give the dating apps a miss and join a running club!

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