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Outdoor Lifestyle For Adventure Lovers

Some people are happier outdoors and I just happen to be one of them. Seeking adventures, climbing, hiking and trail running has provided so many adventures, around the world and in my own back yard. This could be you. Open your eyes to the possibility of an outdoor lifestyle and go find an outdoor adventure!

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Outdoor Lifestyle For Adventure Lovers

There’s two ways of looking at life; following the gravy train and putting all your efforts into material gain, or spending a lifetime chasing outdoor adventure.

I know which one supplies fond memories, exciting days out and builds lasting friendships. It’s not chasing after bigger houses and faster cars.

Adventures are possible almost everywhere. Hiking up your local hill, exploring unknown trails, taking up mountain biking.

A outdoor lifestyle will pack your weekends full of possibilities. When you become a weekend warrior, the nine to five won’t pass quickly enough. There’ll always be some many things to-do on your bucket list.

But be warned. It’s addictive. Hike, climb, trail run, mountain bike… You’ll never look back.

Mountain Climbing

My first experience of big mountains came at the age of just 21. I was hiking into Tibet with my friend Helene Whittaker and came across Scott Fischer’s team for the Everest North Face Expedition 1987. Scott invited us to join them.

I load-carried for a week, (helping to supply camps higher up the mountain), and borrowed clothing to stay at their Camp 1 overnight. What an experience! Camping right below the start of the technical climbing on the North Face route. My first brush with the light-headed feeling of high altitude camping at 25,000ft.

Mixing with the likes of Mimi Stone and Stacy Allison on the expedition left a big impression. These were inspirational women, tough female climbers, the first I’d come across. (This expedition was unsuccessful but Stacy Allison later became the first American Woman to climb Everest the following year).

Scott Fischer was such a gentle, inspiring soul. I doubt anyone who knew him, even briefly, was untouched by his death. I have his encouragement to thank for a life of adventure. Being part of his expedition, even briefly was an unforgettable time.

Climbing has taken me into big mountains and led to wonderful adventures. It’s opened up possibilities and a passion for exploration. All I can hope is to pass on a little inspiration. A belief that so much is possible…