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10 Reasons To Love Trail Running

It’s no wonder trail running is rapidly increasing in popularity. It ticks all the boxes for destressing, getting into shape, making new friends, and seeking adventure. Here are my top 10 reasons for loving trail running

10 reasons to love trail running

Love Trail Running For The Fresh Air

Getting out in the fresh air just makes you feel so good. Compared with pounding the pavements and breathing in car fumes, trail running is so much better.

Kinder On The Joints

It’s not just the altitude that makes Kenyans such good runners. They train on soft trails. The soft surfaces are kinder on the joints allowing runners to run further and recover faster. Hit the trails and your body will thank you.

Climbing Hills

Okay, this may be type 2 fun at the time (you don’t really enjoy it until it’s over) but the immense satisfaction when you get to the top makes it worth it. Just think of the views!

Love Trail Running…It Makes You Happier

There are probably all sorts of scientific reasons why trail running makes you happier. You can look them up or just take my word for it. Trail running makes you happy…


Trail running is a complete escape. There are no cars to dodge or crowds to weave through. It’s impossible to worry about anything when you’re running in the hills.

Chance To Explore

It’s human nature to seek adventure. You may not be the first person running the trail but it’s the first time you’ve run the trail.

Never Boring

Something always happens on a trail run. Unexpected glimpses of wild animals, surviving a sudden downpour, almost losing a shoe in a bog… The hills are full of memories.

Being Dirty

There’s just something so wonderful about getting splattered with mud. And cleaning up after your run!

Make New Friends

Trail running is a friendly community. Taking part in events or joining your local trail running club are great opportunities to make new friends. Try out a guided run

Love Trail Running – It’s A Whole New Lifestyle

Be warned: trail running is highly addictive. Once you’ve got the bug, it’s guaranteed to change your life!

If you’re new to running in the hills, join a club or find some experienced friends. And let me know how you get on!

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