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The Best Way To Train For A Trekking Trip

Summer is around the corner and you’ve arranged to climb Kilamanjaro. You really need to train for a trekking trip! The last time you set foot on a mountain was six months ago. Before you set off hiking, how do you get in shape FAST.

If you’re new to hiking find out more about hiking for beginners plus the essential differences between hiking, trekking, and backpacking including what to take on the trail.

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Seek Out Some Hills

Fast-paced uphill walking is the best way to train for a trekking trip. If you live in the lowlands, you’ll have to get inventive. Seek out an incline or a flight of steps and start doing reps – it works!

Carry A Pack

Getting used to carrying a pack is often overlooked when you need to train for a trekking trip. Start taking a pack with you everywhere. Add in some extra weight to strengthen your upper body.

Osprey make exceptional packs. This Osprey Tempest 20 for women is an excellent size for long day hikes. The pack is fully adjustable making it a super comfy fit for long days in the hills.

Spend Time On Your Feet

Replicate your typical trekking day! Clock up the hours on your feet by going for steady weekend walks. The longer and hillier the better.

Hit The Gym

If you’re short of time and unable to head for the hills, training in the gym will help. Build muscle tone using light weights and lots of repetitions.

Break In Your Boots

Often overlooked and a source of misery for trekkers. There’s nothing worse than showing up for a trek in brand new boots. Wear your boots everywhere to break them in, even around the house.

Time on your feet, walking uphill with a pack, is the best way to train for any trek. Build your distance and the weight you’re carrying slowly. Enjoy your trek and let me know how you get on!

Your holiday's approaching and you've arranged to go trekking. The last time you set foot on a mountain was six months ago. How do you get in shape FAST. #trekking #fitness #trekkingtips
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