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10 Easy Fitness Hacks To Get In Shape Fast

Not getting the results you want or maybe you’ve been neglecting your fitness training? Perhaps you’re like me and love hibernating over the winter. But now you only have a few weeks to get beach-ready. Well, don’t panic. These fitness hacks can help you get in shape fast and they’re so easy to adopt that even lazy girls can do them!

No one should dread summer, it’s a time to be active and have fun. Rock those swimsuits and shorts whatever your size and body type. There’s no shaming here. But if you do want to improve your fitness, these tips for beginners will help you get started. Whatever your fitness goals – losing weight, building muscle mass, or improving cardio – these hacks will help you get there.

I start with the best intentions over winter but I still put on a few pounds – there’s something about cold dark nights that makes me snuggle up and reach for a few treats. So for me, summer is a wake-up call to move more and eat a little better. I don’t expect miracles overnight but it’s amazing how a few small changes can make a big difference.

Easy fitness hacks

1. Start Small

Think about how long you can commit to exercise every single day. Don’t get competitive – we need some realism. If it’s just 10 minutes, that’s completely fine.

It’s better to start small than commit to a big workout every day and give up on Day 2. In case you’re wondering, just a 10-minute run, brisk walk, or HIIT session every day is enough to start seeing some results.

2. Be Consistent

I really need to press this one home. Whatever exercise you choose, just stick to it. On the days when you feel like skipping a workout ask yourself these tough questions:

  • Am I unwell? If so, taking a break from exercise is normally encouraged.
  • Have I been exercising too hard? You may benefit from a rest day or an easier session.
  • Or am I just tired? When you’ve had a long day, exercise could be the very last thing you want to do. But let’s get serious here. Apart from being tired, is there any good reason why you can’t at least start your exercise session? Tell yourself you’re just going to exercise for 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, if you feel good, keep on going.

Often when it comes to exercise our mind plays tricks on us. Sometimes all you need to do is start your workout and you’ll feel so much better.

fitness training women

3. Have A Goal

It’s far easier to stay on track and get real results when you have a fitness goal to work towards. So work out what you’re trying to achieve, make sure it’s realistic, and set a time frame.

It could be a good excuse to book a holiday. Needing to be bikini-ready in 6 weeks is a good motivator!

4. Get Some Workout Clothes You Love

Feeling good about yourself helps your confidence and one easy fitness hack is to buy workout clothes you feel great in. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Shop the sale sections online for affordable and stylish options.

Wearing workout clothes you love will put you in the right mindset to exercise. It’s an easy win and a good way to start your fitness training.

5. Leave Out Exercise Equipment

In our house, we started leaving out dumbbells that we’d walk past and see every day. It’s just a little trick but after a few weeks, my arms started to look more shapely. Each time I walked past, I’d pick up a dumbbell and do a few moves.

Give it a try. You can do this with all sorts of exercise equipment. I’ll leave a yoga mat out right by the front door so I can’t miss it when I get home! Unless it’s a very bad day, I’ll roll out the mat and do a few stretches.

6. Bodyweight Exercises

There’s nothing wrong with a gym membership. Some people love the camaraderie and atmosphere of a gym. But for others, getting to the gym can be a barrier to exercise. After all, it takes extra time and effort.

With bodyweight exercises, you don’t need any equipment and you can do them anywhere – at home, in your backyard, or even in a hotel room when traveling. Just be warned – it’s not an easy option. Bodyweight exercises can be tough, but they are also incredibly effective at building strength and improving overall fitness.

Try out these exercises for just 10 to 15 minutes a day and you’ll soon notice the difference.

7. Work Out From Home

Don’t limit yourself to bodyweight exercises when you’re working out from home. There are so many options and online classes to choose from – most of them are free!

Try out these ideas:

fitness training women

8. When You Have 5 Minutes Spare – Move!

If you have a busy schedule, you need to make the most of every spare moment. 5 minutes is long enough to exercise – do some jumping jacks or stomach crunches.

Instead of scrolling through social media, take your coffee breaks standing up. Walk around the office every hour to stretch your legs. Every little bit of movement counts and will help you hit your fitness targets.

9. Do Something You Enjoy

It’s far easier to motivate yourself to exercise if you’re doing something you enjoy. Keep trying new things until you find an activity or workout you love.

I honestly think there’s something out there for everyone. You just have to find what clicks with you. For me, it’s running but when I first started running I thought it was impossibly hard. Sometimes you have to stick at something for the first few weeks to really get the hang of it – and now I love to run.

For you, it could be something completely different. For example, no one should ever see me dance but if it’s the activity you love it’s an excellent workout – so go for it!

10. Don’t Forget Your Diet

While science will tell you it’s almost impossible to lose weight permanently without exercise, your diet is just as important. You won’t see those defined abs from all your stomach crunches unless you lose the belly fat hiding them from view.

Eating a healthy diet is the best way to lose the pounds and keep them off for good. It’s best to start with small diet changes. Try avoiding unhealthy processed food and cutting back on sugar. Find out more about how to eat better.

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