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Easy At Home Exercises (No Equipment Required)

Sometimes going to the gym is an extra effort that stops us from exercising. It can be better to do a quick workout at home than skip your exercise session completely. These easy at-home exercises need little space and no equipment.

Sometimes it’s hard to fit exercise into your daily routine – I get it. Most of us want to be fit. But most of us are time-poor and surrounded by distractions. With these exercises, there are no excuses. It’s a quick fitness workout you can fit into your day at any time!

8 easy at home exercises

Check here if you want some extra tips on how to get fit at home. Set a goal and find some exercise motivation, whether it’s getting fit for summer or just getting in shape!

8 Easy At Home Exercises For Beginners

1. High Knees

This is a good way to warm up and ease yourself into your workout. Start by walking on the spot for one minute, then jog in place for one minute lifting each knee as high as you can.

2. Lunges

Nicely warmed up. We’ll go for some lunges. Start standing up with your feet parallel. Take a big step forward with your right leg and bend your right knee as you land, (hold onto a table edge if you need to). At the same time, your left knee dips towards the floor but doesn’t quite touch.

Your right thigh should be parallel to the ground and your right knee directly over your foot. Check here to make sure you have the right technique.

Push back up to your starting position and repeat. It helps to focus on a spot on the floor in front of you so you don’t over-balance. Aim for 10 lunges on each side. Feeling strong? Complete a second set.

3. Jumping Jacks

Let’s get your heart rate going! Start with your hands by your side and jump landing with your legs apart. Raise your hands overhead to meet at the same time. We’ve all done this one at school and it’s still a good workout!

Keep going for one minute. More if possible. An easier option is to step from side to side instead of jumping.

4. Squats

The trick here is to keep your back straight. With your feet slightly turned out, drop your seat to knee height. If you have any knee issues you may need to skip this one or hold onto a table as you squat. Otherwise aim for 10 and if that’s easy go for a second set.

5. Stair Climbing

If you don’t have any stairs, find a big book you can use. Alternatively, repeat the high knees exercise. Step up and step down for two minutes or until you run out of steam. These are easy at-home exercises you can do in front of the TV!

6. Inclined Push Ups

If you can do full push-ups – terrific. Get on with it! For the rest of us, find a solid table or similar you can push off. Get into a push-up position but with your hands on the table. Arms straight but don’t lock your elbows.

Lower your chest towards the table keeping your body straight. Push back and repeat 10 times. Another option is to take up a normal push-up position but keep your knees on the floor as you lower.

7. Crunches

Kinder on your back than sit-ups, crunches can be just as effective. Start with your head and upper shoulders off the ground and make mini sit-up movements isolating your abdominal muscles.

There are lots of options here such as twisting your elbow to the knee or raising your legs in the air as you crunch. Aim for 20 and repeat if you can. Always make sure you’re not straining your back.

8. Planking

I’ve saved the best for last! Planking is a fantastic overall bodyweight exercise. Rest on your elbows and raise your core off the ground. Aim to keep your back and legs in a straight line. Don’t let your bum sag. Start with 30 seconds and build up to one or even two minutes.

These are just some easy at-home exercises to get you started. I just wanted to show you don’t need equipment to get an all-over body workout. Hope you enjoy these suggestions!

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Easy at home exercises
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How can I do simple exercises at home?

There are lots of simple exercises you can do at home using no equipment, just your body weight. High knees, lunges, jumping jacks, squats, stair climbing, inclined push ups, crunches and planking are just some ideas to give you a full body work out. Use a table to support lunges until you get stronger. Increase the number of repetitions to make your workout harder.

Do home exercises work?

Definitely! The trick is to stay motivated. Plan your workout in advance and stick to it. Try and add variety. YouTube is a terrific source for free workouts. It’s easier to fit in a workout session in your front room than try and find the time to go to the gym. Plus it’s cheaper!