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Couch To 5K resources: Find out everything you need to know about Couch to 5K from how to get started and Couch To 5K weight loss, to the information and tips you need to make your Couch to 5K program a success.

Includes Couch To 5K training plans. Our popular 6 week and 9 week Couch To 5K Plans will get you around your first 5K race without stopping. Choose from our large selection of 5K training plans from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks12 Week 5K Training Plan for Beginners

Who Are These Couch To 5K Plans For?

Our running plans are designed for people who can walk for 20 minutes at a brisk pace. If it’s a long time since you last exercised you can get started with our Couch To 5K Walking Plan and progress to running when you can walk 5K