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Healthy Eating For Weight Loss

Healthy eating is not only good for you, it’s the best way to lose weight. It’s no surprise that the most popular and successful diets have healthy eating at their core. Slow and steady weight loss wins out. It’s better to lose 1 – 2 lb a week and keep it off for good than lose weight too quickly.

eat better - go easy on the smoothies

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Weight Loss Is Never Easy

There are a lot of spurious claims about weight loss. I’m not saying you can’t lose weight quickly, but if you want to keep it off slow and steady is better for your health.

The best diet plans all have healthy eating at their core. Replacing junk food with healthy vegetables and fruit will always be good for your weight and your health.

When it comes to restricting carbs, not everyone is in agreement. Going down the low fat calorie counting route can be very difficult to keep up if you have a busy life. The alternative, a strict Keto diet with really low carbs can be equally challenging.

My preference is low carb but not zero carb. Eating enough to fuel my exercise but not enough to prevent steady weight loss.

Exercise including strength training is the best way to get a boost when your weight loss is slow and you hit a plateau. Gain the health advantages exercise brings and burn those extra calories.

Concentrating on becoming fit can add fun to achieving your goals. Work out with friends, start walking, join a running group or take up yoga. Pick a sport you enjoy and exercise will become something you look forward to.

Quit Sugar

Sugar has zero nutritional value and is linked to a host of health issues. Try to quit sugar for a month and see the difference it makes to your energy levels and your waistline.

If quitting sugar completely is a step too far, cut back and swap sugar for natural alternatives such as stevia and honey.