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Best Gifts For Runners (Men Who Love Gadgets 2023)

When it comes to the best gifts for runners, men love gadgets. I hate to stereotype. I’ve spent most of my life resisting stereotypes but some are hard to ignore.

Get any group of male runners together and sooner or later they always start talking about gear. If there’s any gadget to save seconds off their next race – they’re all over it.

Fortunately, this makes gift buying for male runners easy. Unless you’re on a strict budget, (and you can check out my under $20 present list here), just buy the male runners in your life the latest and most expensive gadgets you can afford.

Yes, they’re that easy to please…

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Gifts for runners men who love gadgets

😍 Want to know my favorite gift for male runners? Read to the end of the post or take a little look here! It’s the best gadget I’ve seen yet for the safety-conscious runner!

TOP TIP: It can be tempting to buy running shoes as gifts. Runners are very particular about their shoes and normally stick to a favorite brand. Unless you know exactly what to get avoid buying running shoes as gifts.

It’s easier buying running clothing for men than it is for women. Guys are normally happy if it’s a good brand and you’re not damaging their ego by buying a size that’s too small!

Gifts For Runners – Men

Gifts for both beginner and advanced male runners, gifts to celebrate running achievements, for the holiday season and Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions.

Garmin Running Watch

When it comes to running watches, Garmin always dominates. It’s been this way for years. They make much-appreciated gifts for any runner and the male runner in your life will have his eye on the latest swanky new model.

This year it’s the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro and they’re selling like hotcakes. Personally, at these prices, I’d want it to be able to run for me, but if the guy in your life is a gadget freak, this is the one to get. It’s an excellent choice for trail running with long battery life and detailed maps for navigation.

A more modest choice, and best for purely running, is the Garmin Forerunner 245. This one will store and play music so you can leave your phone at home. You may be able to get a deal on last year’s model!

garmin fenix 6
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
garmin forerunner
Garmin Forerunner 245

Race Vest

Trail running has skyrocketed in popularity. Running plus terrific scenery – what’s not to like! If you’re buying a gift for a runner, with his eye set on an ultra run, he’s going to need a race vest.

A backpack no longer hacks it in the ultrarunning scene. A race vest sits comfortably on the chest with the weight evenly distributed.

There’s tons of room for stashing essential gear from soft hydration flasks to a set of waterproofs. Even I think they’re worth the cash. I have almost as many running vests as I have running shoes!

Unless you want your guy to look like a nube, he needs a Salomon Race Vest. For shorter distances opt for the Advanced Skin 5 Set and for mega distances it has to be the Advanced Skin 12 Set.

Salomon Advance Skin 5 Set - gifts for runners
Salomon Advance Skin 5 Set
Salomon Advance Skin 12 Set - gifts for runners
Salomon Advance Skin 12 Set

Running Headphones

We all know we shouldn’t but a majority of runners train while listening to music. It’s important to stay traffic-aware when you’re running on the road and these bone conduction headphones are the solution.

The AfterShokz Aeropex delivers audio via your cheekbones. There’s no sound blocking of traffic and these headphones are even allowed in UK races. (In the US it depends on the individual race director).

Waterproof, great sound quality, and really lightweight. They’re not cheap but the Titanium version is available for half the price. These must be the ultimate headphones as gifts for runners – men who run and love gadgets.

AfterShokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones Gifts for men who run
AfterShokz Aeropex

Running Sunglasses

There’s nothing worse than bombing along in your running sunglasses when the sun goes behind a cloud and you suddenly can’t see. It’s not a problem with the Oakley Radar.

They use Prizm sports lenses to help you see subtle changes in the path ahead and spot hazards such as ankle-wrenching potholes.

Even better, they come in a terrific range of stand-out colors – great for the exhibitionist!

Oakley Radar running glasses
Oaklay Radar

Heart Rate Monitor

To get an accurate reading on your heart rate, a chest strap heart rate monitor is best. The Garmin HRM-Dual is compatible with their running devices and lets runners really dive into their stats for interval training.

If you’re buying a present for a runner who loves analyzing their running data, a heart rate monitor is a must-have. Just be prepared for some tedious post gift conversations about bpm and MHR.

Garmin HRM-Dual
Garmin HRM-Dual


I don’t think I could get through winter training without my Sealskinz. If you’re buying a gift for a man who loves running off-road and in the wet, these are a must.

Sealskinz will keep your feet dry in all weather conditions and work much better than waterproof training shoes.

Sealskinz waterproof socks
Sealskinz waterproof running socks

Running Jacket

Arc’teryx are streets ahead when it comes to technical clothing and this Norvan Hoody is no exception.

Made from incredibly lightweight GORE-TEX fabric, the jacket is fully waterproof and very breathable. It’s the only waterproof jacket I’ve come across where you don’t overheat when running.

Unlike some ultra-light waterproof running jackets, this one is built to last and will keep out a downpour. That’s amazing for a jacket weighing under 7oz.

With a jacket this lightweight there’s no excuse not to be prepared for when the weather changes!

gifts for runners men
Arc’teryx Norvan Hoody

Best Gadget For The Safety Conscious Runner

There’s a mantra in our house – safety first. Yes, we climb, run, mountain bike but if there’s something that helps with safety we’ll take it.

That’s why I love this last gadget. It helps a runner stay safe on the roads at night.

The AVANTO PRO chest running light demands to be seen providing illumination from every angle. There’s a bright front spot to light up your path. Even better – it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Avanto Pro chest running light - gifts for runners
Avanto Pro Chest Running Light

Hopefully, this list has provided some good ideas for gifts for runners, men who love gadgets! If you’re looking for more affordable gifts or stocking fillers, take a look at these inexpensive gifts for runners under $20.

gifts for runners men
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What to get someone who loves running?

Gadgets are always a good choice for runners. There’s no need to worry about sizing and most runners love anything that helps them improve their running speed! Top choices are the latest Garmin model, race vests for trail runners, heart rate monitors, weatherproof running jackets and running headphones. There are also plenty of affordable options under $20 from energy bars to running socks.

Best gifts for runners men?

Male runners are easy to please – just find them the latest running gadget that promises to help them hit their next PB! Garmins, heart rate monitors, running headphones, race vests, sunglasses for runners are all excellent gifts. Inexpensive options include headlamps, blister kits, and energy bars!