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I want you to have a good relationship with food. At its best food is delicious, wholesome, and life-sustaining. It gives you the energy to work and play, brings families together, and should be celebrated.

Processed food, junk calories, and restrictive diets have left many of us with no idea of what we should be eating. I want to put that right. Show you how to ditch the diets, indulge a little – but not too much, and create new healthy habits with real food.

Follow quick-to-prepare recipes for home-cooked food. Plan your meals and meal-prep to save time and money. Base your diet on whole foods with lots of plant-based meals.

Let’s get started!

Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.

Michael Polland
healthy food


How to eat better by eating real food. Eat when you’re hungry instead of filling up on highly processed food with little nutritious value.


Meal prep to keep your plans on track


By preparing quick and easy recipes everyone will love!


Start To Eat Better

Don’t think you need to change your diet completely overnight. If you want to eat better it’s best to make small sustainable changes, one at a time.

If you’re a sugar addict, try swopping your sugar-filled drinks for water. Never cook? Commit to making at least one home-cooked meal every week. Eating too much fast food? Meal prep to save time and improve your nutrition.

You can build on these small changes gradually, looking for ways to eat more whole grains, healthy fruit & vegetables, and plant-based protein from peas, beans, nuts*, and soy*. (Be aware of food allergies).

Whole foods are filling and lower in calories. Eating a diet full of real healthy food, instead of the junk calories of highly processed food, is a sustainable way to manage your weight.