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Why You Need To Stop Chasing Perfection (And Start Living Instead)

Jump on social media and it seems everyone’s living perfect lives with the bodies to match. In this fake lifestyle, the obesity epidemic doesn’t exist and most people are skinny and beautiful with perfect fitness.

Deep down we know nothing on social media is real. That so many images are retouched and top celebrities have personal trainers, plastic surgery and dietitians to look that good.

So why are we still chasing perfection?

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chasing perfection

It’s An Excuse

“I’m going to take up running when I’ve lost a few pounds”.

“I’d love to go on a trekking trip when I’m fit enough”.

“Yoga looks like fun but I’m just not supple”.

We put off trying something out of fear of the unknown. Convince ourselves that we can only start running, go trekking, try yoga when we have the prefect bodies for these activities.

Chasing perfection is an excuse to never try something new. It’s better to motivate yourself to exercise and take a small step towards improving your fitness and having fun.

We’re Suffering From Media Distortion

The constant barrage of social media makes us really body conscious. It’s no longer about how far or fast you ran, the mountain you climbed or the friends you made on your latest travel adventure.

Instead it’s all about how you look on social media. There’s the idea if you don’t look the part you can’t do the activity.

This is so wrong!

I’ve known “fat but very fast” runners, “skinny but surprisingly strong climbers” and I’m constantly amazed how yoga is a complete leveler with no perfect body type.

There’s The Fear Of Being Judged

Unless you have an amazing natural talent, you’re not going to excel at an activity straight out of the blocks. Everybody knows this!

Join a running club and no-one’s going to point a finger if you’re at the back of the pack. That’s how everyone started!

Take up yoga and a good teacher will be quick to tell you it’s not a competition. Yoga is about listening to your body, to challenging it in ways your body can cope.

Only by trying new activities, taking a few risks, committing to starting, can you start to work towards your goals and grow as a person.

Perfection Only Happens When You Start Living

Of course it depends on your idea of perfection. But if perfect means a happy fulfilled life, doing things you enjoy with people you like, that’s attainable by everyone.

You just need to start living to get there. So take up that activity you’ve always wanted to try. Go on your trekking trip. Try running, yoga, climbing or anything-else that appeals to you.

Need some inspiration? Read my 47 Tips, How To Get Fit.

You might even get somewhere close to the body you always wanted along the way.

You may not even notice. You’ll be too busy planning your next trip, your next event or heading out the door to meet up with friends.

Perfection what’s that? Now where are my running shoes…

From my own experience, it’s only when you take on new challenges and adventures that you grow as a person. Live is just too short to take the “I’ll start… when I’ve… approach. Get out there and have some fun!

Putting off living until you having the perfect body is a way of missing out on life big time. Stop chasing perfection and start living now! #fitness #lifestyle
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