Women’s Running Clothing

My running wardrobe has grown gradually over the years. It’s an investment I keep adding to.

Some of these items of women’s running clothing I’ve bought recently and some are similar staples from brands I love.

I find it’s extremely painful running without a good bra and you need a high-impact sports bra to protect Cooper’s ligaments in your breasts from stretching.

Essential Sports Bra

Baselayers – Tops & Running Vests

The Athlete Seamless Workout Tank. Its polyamide fabric is super breathable and seriously sweat-wicking.

When it’s hot it’s time to get those legs out. I love a running skort and Salomon always has some of the best.

Running Shorts & Skorts

Running Midlayers For Women

The idea is you’re trapping air between your baselayer and midlayer. This trapped air warms up as you run helping you to stay warm.

When you’re running in summer, your outer layers need to be easily packable. Lightweight, waterproof and windproof protection you can pull on in an emergency.

Outer Layers For Running In Summer

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