Why Your Weight Loss Is Slow (And What To Do About It)

Welcome to the hell hole of the weight loss plateau. I have been there so many times and I’m ready to give you some tips to find the escape hatch.

It’s time to take stock and find out where your weight loss plans are going wrong.

Aim For A Healthy Weight

This is for people who want to reach a healthy weight, not for people trying to get to impossible levels of extremely low body fat egged on by fake images on social media.

The Cause Could Be Your Diet

So many diets rely on really low-calorie intakes to get quick results. The problem is crash diets slow down your body’s metabolism.

Fast weight loss can work for just a couple of pounds. But if your aim is significant weight loss, losing weight quickly normally ends in failure.

Fast Weight Loss Can End In Overall Weight Gain

There May Be Underlying Health Issues

The main health issues known to affect weight loss and slow your metabolism are Cushing’s syndrome or hypothyrodism (an underactive thyroid).

Your calorie needs are based on your existing weight, your age, sex, and the amount you exercise.

As You Lose Weight Your Body Needs Less Calories

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