Why You Need to Stop Chasing Perfection

On social media people live perfect lives with the bodies to match. In this fake lifestyle, the obesity epidemic doesn’t exist and most people are skinny and beautiful with perfect fitness.

Deep down we know nothing on social media is real. That so many images are retouched and top celebrities have personal trainers to look that good.

So Why Are We Still Chasing Perfection?

Why do we convince ourselves we can only start running, go trekking, try yoga when we have the perfect bodies for these activities?

We're Suffering From Media Distortion

It’s all about how you look on social media. There’s the idea if you don’t look the part, you can’t do the activity.

It Just Means You're Missing Out On Life

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, being big doesn't mean you can't do yoga or hike in the mountains.

Most Of Us Will Never Have A Perfect Body

That doesn't mean you can't have a lot of fun trying out new activities. Join a club or take a new class - no-one's going to judge you. All beginners start somewhere.

Perfection Only Happens When You Start Living

If perfect means a happy fulfilled life, doing things you enjoy with people you like, that’s attainable by everyone. Go out and start living!

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