Why You Need To Keep Running On Tired Legs

If you’ve ruled out red flags such as excessive fatigue, poor sleep, a high resting heart rate or persistent aches and pains, sometimes it’s okay to run through it.

Becoming a stronger runner is about testing and pushing your limits. When you’re improving as a runner, there will be times when your running legs are tired but you’re not out of breath.

If you’re training for a marathon or any kind of endurance running, at some stage you will need to run on tired legs.

You Want To Build Endurance

You’re Building Your Weekly Mileage

As you work towards your endurance goal, you’ll not only be building the length of your long run, but also your total weekly mileage.

Getting fitter means working harder. Working harder means tired legs. There’s no getting away from it.

You Want To Get Fitter

There are training regimes that purposefully make you run hard sessions back to back. You’ll be running on tired legs and that’s okay if you’re an experienced runner.

 Always follow a training schedule that’s appropriate for your level of experience.

The Balance Between Leg Fatigue And Running Better

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