Why Diets Don’t Work (7 Reasons To Ditch The Diets)

We all know instinctively that diets just don’t work and yet we all keep trying them. Dieting is a massive industry, feeding on people’s misery and distorting our relationship with real food.

Read on for 7 reasons to ditch the diets and opt for healthy eating for weight loss instead.

Diets Don’t Deal With Emotions

Our relationship with food is complex. It’s one of the main reasons diets don’t work.

Dieting Doesn’t Lead To Long-Term Weight Loss 

Cheating a little here and there is often enough to make people think this isn’t working and there’s no point in continuing.

It’s a big reason why diets don’t work. When you starve yourself to lose weight, your resistance against binge eating is really low.

Binge Eating

Dieting Can Make You Feel Like A Failure

Most diets fail and when they fail it’s easy to be really negative about it. It adds to the baggage we have around food, the idea that you’re a failure.

You may be running to lose weight, but setting off on a long run without the fuel your body needs will just be a miserable experience.

Fuel Your Body If You Want To Run Longer

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