Which Cardio Machines Burn The Most Calories?

Harvard Medical School shows the elliptical machine burning the most calories. 334 calories burned in 30 min for a 155 pound person. But is this accurate?

Effort level, machine setup and how you use the machine make big differences to calories burned

The number of calories burned during a given activity is measured using a unit called the metabolic equivalent for task (MET). This unit measures how hard your body is working.

The accuracy of calculating METS varies widely for different activities. There's a lack of data for elliptical machines. Plus machines by different manufacturers give different results.

The treadmill is much more accurate because there's a lot of data for the natural motion of running.

At a pace of just 12 min/mile, a 155 pound person will burn 288 calories in a 30 minute session. The same person on an elliptical trainer at moderate effort may burn less than 200 calories.

Stationary bikes and spin bikes give really accurate readings based on power output in Watts. Just like the treadmill these are excellent machines for burning calories.

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