Where To Put Phone When Running? (Can’t Run Without It!)

Finding the best phone holder for running is a big deal. You could just hold your phone in your hand as you run, but your arm muscles will get tired and you won’t be able to run efficiently.

Find a way of stashing your phone safely. You need a solution where it won’t bounce around and stays secure.

Where To Keep Your Phone When You Run?

In Your Shorts Pocket - First up is a pocket in your running shorts. This can be a great solution for how to run with your phone.

Strapped To Your Arm

This option works for a lot of runners. There’s a huge range available and the ones that swivel on your arm are really neat!

Now I have seen someone suggest you can stash your phone in the front of a North Face Stow-N-Go Bra!

In Your Sports Bra

Opt For The Handheld Device

The case includes a strap that lets you hold your phone without gripping it.

This one’s my all-time favorite. Super lightweight – you won’t know you’re wearing it!

In Your Race Vest

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