What To Expect When You Quit Sugar For A Month

Cutting out sugar by deciding to quit sugar for a month, or at least drastically curb your intake, is a no-brainer.

It’s a big step towards healthy eating for weight loss and one of the top recommendations by the World Health Association.

If You Cut Sugar Out Of Your Diet What Happens?

It’s a big deal. Some people coast through cutting out sugar from their diet, but real sugar lovers can find it hard.

No Sugar For A Month – Long Term Effects

Quitting sugar or at least drastically reducing your intake is so worth it. You owe it to your body to eat better!

It’s all sugar! Even when it’s natural. I draw the line at removing fruit from my diet but try to minimize eating foods with added sugars even from natural sources.

What Counts As Sugar?

You’ll Go Through Withdrawal Symptoms

Everyone reacts differently but sugar is addictive and when you quit you’ll go through withdrawal symptoms. Don’t worry – they won’t last.

Quitting sugar is good for your immune system and your ability to extract nutrients from food.

You’ll Have Better Digestion

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