What Is Fastpacking? (And How To Get Started)

Fastpacking is about traveling fast and light! Exploring wild places with a pack that’s small enough to let you hike at speed or even trail run. By keeping your gear and pack size to a minimum, you can cover more ground on multiday trips.

When you’re fastpacking every ounce counts, so think carefully about every item you take to avoid a heavy pack. Take only essentials and leave the luxuries at home!

For purists, a fastpacking trip is a self-sufficient excursion where you carry all your food, clothing, and shelter with you. But for many people, fastpacking is simply a way to go further and faster.

Fastpacking can be trail running between mountain huts or remote bothies, buying meals along your route, or taking all your food with you. You get to decide.

Train For Fastpacking

Prepare with long-distance trail running or power hikes, it’s hours on your feet that count – lots of long runs. You don’t want your longest run ever to be on your first fastpacking adventure.

Planning For Fastpacking

You'll need a detailed plan from what to take to were to go. Water sources, logistics, navigational aids... it's a long list but it's best to be prepared.

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