What Clothes Do Men Wear To Yoga?

With some help from male yogi friends, I’ve put together this guide on yoga clothes for guys so you don’t feel left out.

Explore your yoga practice as a daily habit for weight loss, strength, and fitness.

Loose clothes

Most men wear loose, shirts, tank tops, or muscle tees in stretchy fabric. It’s a personal preference but muscle tees, are recommended for easy monitoring of your upper body alignment.

Comfortable yoga clothes that stretch

The best way is to find clothing that moves with you and doesn’t limit your yoga practice.

Moisture-wicking fabrics

When you’re buying yoga clothes, look for breathable fabrics. Synthetic materials are a good choice.

Cotton fabrics

Organic cotton is a popular material for yoga clothes for men but it has its drawbacks. It absorbs moisture quickly.

Why you need proper men’s yoga clothes

Try and avoid wearing your old gym clothes or you’re likely to come unstuck on the yoga mat.

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