Walking For Weight Loss Plan - Fat Busting Workout Schedule

Follow a walking for weight loss plan to calorie burn and hit your target weight goals.  A plan keeps you motivated!

Walking is a great way to lose weight if combined with a healthy eating plan. Reward your efforts with non-food treats instead of sticky buns!

Adults are encouraged to move more and sit less during the day. Aim for 150 to 300 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week.

Walking for weight loss improves fitness levels, burns calories, protects against diseases and it's great for mental health and energy levels.

Long Walks At Easy Pace

Walk with friends, hike in nature and have fun burning calories. Walking in the fresh air is a fantastic way to destress..

Hill Walking Or Inclines

For an intense session find a hill to walk up or ramp up the incline on your treadmill. Walking up hill burns extra calories and increases your heart rate.

Alternate fast and slow paced walking. Warm up then power walk for 1 min and recover at a steady pace for 2 minutes - repeat 10 times!

Walking Intervals

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