Walking An Hour A Day: Health Benefits & Weight Loss

If you're walking for weight loss or to improve your fitness, walking an hour a day is a great way to get results.

Most people can cover 3 to 4 miles in an hour of brisk walking. Typically you'll burn 240 to 350 calories.

Walking For Weight Loss Works

It's the best way to start exercising if you're very unfit or carrying a lot of extra weight. Increase your pace as walking gets easier - or try running.

Walking an hour a day for two weeks will burn one pound of fat. For faster weight loss combine walking with a few small changes to your diet.

It's regular walking that counts. To lose weight make sure you're walking at least 5 times a week. Every day is even better!

Try To Eat Healthy Food

Walking for weight loss only works if you don't replace the calories you burn by eating extra high calorie food.

Stronger legs and better balance are just some of the many benefits of walking.

Enjoy Strong Shapely Legs

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