The Best Vegan Pasta Recipes (Easy & Delicious)

Tempted to grab a pre-made pasta sauce off the shelf when you're in a hurry? These recipes are easy to make and so delicious you'll never go back to shop bought sauce!

Most dried pasta is vegan. It’s made from water and semolina flour, a coarse flour made from durum wheat. However, it’s best to check labels before you buy, as some types of pasta contain eggs. You can also buy gluten-free pasta in most grocery stores.

Is Pasta Healthy? Yes! Durum wheat has a high protein content. This means your vegan pasta contains about 8g of protein in a cup of cooked pasta (140g). It's high in carbs but low in fat.

Simple ingredients of almond milk with shallot, garlic, and roasted cherry tomatoes create a creamy texture and a heavenly taste.

This easy vegan pasta recipe delivers enough protein to satisfy any bodybuilders in your family.

A taste of summer! Caesar salad has always been a favorite of mine so I was really excited to find this recipe for a vegan version. It makes my list of favorite vegan pasta dishes!

It’s a super easy one-pot recipe. Plus the recipe serves 6-8 people – that’s enough for a small crowd or several days of food prep.

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