The Best Cross Training For Runners

Cross training for runners is any type of workout that compliments your running. It helps to improve your overall fitness and make you a better runner. Swimming, cycling, and yoga are all examples of cross training activities.

Most runners would rather be out running instead of in the gym or doing other activities. But cross training can help prevent injuries by allowing your body time to recover from the repetitive impact of running.

Improve your cardiovascular fitness and build strength while your body is recovering from your last long run. Cross training helps with muscle imbalances and running form

Benefits Of Cross Training

Prevent Injuries

High mileage comes with injury risk. The low impact nature of activities such as swimming and cycling will improve your cardiovascular fitness but with less chance of injury.

Cross training can make you a stronger runner but there's no substitute for runner specific targeted strength training exercises.

Strength Training

Interval Training

HIIT workouts are a big injury risk for most runners. For injured runners, beginner runners, older athletes, or just injury-prone runners, cross-training exercises in the gym can be a better way to complete a high-intensity session.

Cross training can add variety, provide a mental break and make you think about your body and its capabilities differently. This could be the self-belief you need to improve as a runner.

Mix Things Up

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