Here's What Happened When I Ran 5 Miles A Day For A Month

I'd lost my mojo for running and slipped into some bad habits - it happens..  I needed a wake up call to remember just how much I love to run!

So I decided to run 5 miles a day for a month...this is what happened.

I Improved My Running Motivation Knowing I had to run 5 miles every day stopped the excuses. Bad weather, long day at work, tired legs - I still ran.

My Legs Felt Dead for the first week so I alternated easy runs on the flat with my normal hilly run.

My Running Pace Was Very Slow to begin with but by the second and third week my body adjusted to the extra miles.

I was ravenous at first and found it very hard not to eat everything in sight! Eventually, my appetite went back to normal but I didn’t lose any weight in the first two weeks.

In week three I lost 1 pound and in week four I lost 2 pounds. It could have been more but I was still eating a few extra treats.

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