Running Faster Or Further (To Become A Better Runner)

What type of runner are you? Is your aim running faster or further? If it’s the latter you’re not alone.

Find out why when it comes to running faster or further, don’t neglect your speed if you want to become a better runner.

How To Run Faster When You’re A Beginner Runner

If you want to run faster you have to put in the work. Just building up long slow runs isn’t going to crack it.

You Have To Run Fast To Run Faster

Sometimes running faster is about finding the right group of people to run with. Run with people who will push you.

Your goal might be a faster marathon time but I can tell you from experience, running short fast races will get you there.

Enter Short Fast Races

Running Faster Or Further If I Want To Be An Ultra Runner?

Being strong enough to avoid the desperate struggle to keep going, has got to be a good thing.

Work on your speed for short distances. Your improved speed and stamina will help you smash it as an ultra runner.

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