Oman Holiday Adventure (Off The Beaten Track)

Oman is full of surprises from scorching hot desserts to the lush vegetation of hidden wadis. It's a must go destination for adventure travel lovers.

Abseil into the World's second largest canyon Majlis Al Jinn or wild camp in the Wahiba sands for a true dessert experience. 

Snake Gorge Canyon

Cliff jump into the first deep pool and wind your way through the canyon watching out for water snakes - don't worry their mouths are too small to bite you!

Jebel Shams And The Balcony Walk

Test your head for heights with this balcony walk above a spectacular drop to the wadi below on Jebel Shams.

Al Hoota Cave

Abseil 6m into the upper cave entrance and descend into total darkness. The underground Al Hoota Lake is home to rare blind fish.

Wahiba Sands

This should be top of your to-do list. Camp out under the stars in total silence. This is a real desert, with stunning dunes and solitude.

Wild Camping

There are endless opportunities for wild camping in Oman. Explore the majestic coastline or head inland to the cooler mountains.

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