11 Must-Do Bodyweight Exercises For Runners

Bodyweight exercises use your own body weight for resistance. But which bodyweight exercises are essential for runners?

Strength training is essential for runners to run with good form and avoid injury. These bodyweight exercises will make you a stronger and more resilient runner.

#1 Supermans

Excellent for your lower back but also works your glutes, hamstrings, upper body ad abdominals

#2 Side Plank Leg Lift

Work your abdominal muscles hard - this is a great exercise for a strong core!

#3 The Squat

Improve your hip mobility and counter the negative effects of working at a desk all day!

#4 Reverse Lunges

Running needs strong legs - find out how to strengthen yours with these reverse lunges...

A great exercise for building strong quad muscles - protect your knees from the demands of running!

#5 Split Squats

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