7 Ways To Make Yourself Run When It's Raining

Splashing through puddles on a wet day can be a lot of fun but so many of us struggle to leave the house when it's pouring with rain outside.

Follow these tips to find your motivation to go for a run even when it's lashing with rain outside! The hardest part is leaving the house...

Wear A Baseball Cap

It keeps the rain out of your eyes and off your face - running in the rain won't seem so bad.

Tell Yourself It's Going To Be A short Run

A short run is better than no run. And who knows - once you're outside you might find running in the rain is okay and stay out for longer.

Embrace The Coolness

Overheating when you run is no fun. Enjoy the coolness of running in the rain.

Dress For The Conditions

In cold rain wear a waterproof running jacket. If it's wet, warm and humid just accept you're going to get wet and don't overdress.

If you're running in the rain it's harder for motorists to see you. Wear bright colors and be aware of your surroundings.

Be Vigilant

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