Midge Season Scotland: Can You Survive A Summer Trip?

In case you’ve never heard of the Scottish midge, midges are tiny little things. They have a wingspan of only 2-3 mm. For such small little critters, they have a nasty bite.

Getting bitten by something just 2mm long? That doesn’t sound so bad…

I’m not talking about being bitten by just ONE midge. I’m talking about being attacked by thousands. Midges swarm…These little creatures can reduce grown men to tears.

It can make camping in Scotland miserable. It's okay to camp in Scotland in early summer but try and avoid the Scottish midge season.

The midge season in Scotland is between the end of May and around mid-September. Even as an outdoor lover there are limits and the Scottish midge is mine.

Midges don't like sunshine or wind and you can avoid them by climbing high during the day.

Or stay in the cities. You won't find any midges in Edinburgh!

If you must camp in midge season wear a midge hood and cover up from head to toe. Use midge repellent and stay inside your tent on still evenings.

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