Running vs Jogging: What Is The Difference?

The difference between running and jogging isn't just about running speed. It's about mindsets and attitudes.

What is JOGGING?

Jogging was invented to encourage people to run at a slower, more relaxed pace. It's about running for better health and enjoying the activity.

Some people say jogging is running slower than 10 mins/mile. But the average mile pace on Strava is just 9.5 mins/mile for men and 11 mins/mile for women - that makes us all joggers! 

If you run slower than 10 mins/mile you can still call yourself a runner! Many beginner runners start running at a pace of 12-15 min/mile

What is RUNNING?

Running is a sport not a pastime. Runners are trying to improve and run at a faster speed or longer distance. Most runners enjoy competing in races.

Running form

Basic running form should be the same for both runners and joggers. Joggers tend to take shorter choppier strides just because they're running at a relaxed, easy pace.

Health Benefits

Jogging and running are both good for your health and a great way to lose weight!

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