Jackfruit Recipes That Are Vegan 

One of the biggest problems I always hear from people trying to eat better with a plant-based diet is that they miss meat.

There are loads of meat alternatives out there, but a lot of them are processed and not exactly ‘healthy’. However, jackfruit is one of the rare meat alternatives that can be considered a healthy and natural food compromise.

It’s grown in popularity over the years, and today’s story will be dedicated to some tasty vegan jackfruit recipes for people who miss eating meat.

Jackfruit Carnitas by Clean Green Simple

A gorgeous jackfruit recipe to round the list off, these carnitas demonstrate the sheer versatility of the humble jackfruit.

Instead of using beans or vegan mince for your chili, swap in jackfruit. The canned stuff gets so tender and juicy in the chili sauce.

Pulled Jackfruit Chili by Keepin’ It Kind

Easy Vegan Jackfruit Curry by Thyme and Love

This curry option is one of my favorite vegan jackfruit recipes. Here, you’re getting something that’s creamier because of all the coconut milk and has more of a fiery kick to it.

Shredding some cooked BBQ jackfruit makes the perfect pizza topping, and you can be as lazy as you like with this recipe.

BBQ Jackfruit Pizza by This Healthy Kitchen

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