Is Running The Best Exercise?

Running is the best exercise if you enjoy it. But I think everyone hates running when they first start. Those first runs are just so hard!

Make it to your 9th run before deciding if running is good for you. That's long enough for running to start feeling easier. To enjoy the benefits...

Running will help you live longer This has got to be a good reason to run!

You Can Run Anywhere Anytime Running is an easy option to exercise. Just lace up those shoes and away you go.

It’s a great way to burn calories

Want to lose inches off your waist? Give running a try! Compared with the gym and most other types of exercise, running burns a huge amount of calories.

Running is the best mood booster

The runner’s high is a real thing not just a mythical invention. Running boosts your mood and reduces anxiety.

I’m not saying running will make you look like a model but running will change your body. Most of these changes are good.

Runner’s have envious bodies

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