Is It Safe To Run In The Rain?

Sometimes if you want to train outdoors you'll have to run in the rain. With a few precautions, the right clothes and shoes, it can be enjoyable experience. But is it safe to run in the rain?

Running in the rain is generally safe if you wear shoes with good traction and a waterproof jacket to stay dry. Avoid thunderstorms, strong winds and make sure motorists can see you.

You Need Shoes With Good Grip

It's especially important if you're running on trails but even roads can get slippery in the wet. Watch out for piles of wet leaves!

Make Sure You Can Be Seen

Heavy rain makes visibility poor - if you're running on the roads wear bright colors to make sure you can be seen easily.

You May Need A Waterproof Running Jacket

Sometimes it's okay to just get wet but on longer road runs or trail runs it's important to stay dry and warm - so make sure your jacket is fully waterproof!

Hold Back A Little

Rain and strong winds can make your running harder so make sure you have some energy in reserve. Set off a little slower than your normal pace.

If you're caught in a storm avoid sheltering under cliffs or in gullies and never shelter under an isolated tree.

Don't Go Out In A Thunderstorm

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