Is Diet More Important Than Exercise (When You Want To Lose Weight)?

When it comes to “Is diet more important than exercise for weight loss?” for most people, the food you eat will have a bigger impact on your waistline.

Diets may get faster results but often when the diet stops the weight rebounds. Exercise can help you lose weight but only if you don’t replace the calories burned by eating more.

Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

Diets will always get faster results if you’re trying to lose weight. The problem is restrictive diets are difficult to follow.

Find An Exercise You Love Doing

You need to find what makes you tick. It could be anything as long as it makes you move.

Improve Your Diet With Food You Want To Eat

It’s hard to lose weight just by exercising. Why? Because an extra treat can quickly wipe out the calories you’ve burnt during your exercise session.

Don’t Rule Out Exercise For Weight Loss

Exercise can help you feel better about yourself. You’re achieving something. Even if it’s just walking a mile a day.

Most Diets Focus On What You Can’t Eat

If you’re full up on healthy and tasty low fat, low calorie filling food, you’ll be less tempted by sugary high-fat treats.

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