How To Stop Overthinking Everything

Do you find your brain going into a loop when you’re making an important decision? Do you constantly doubt the choices you’ve made?

It’s time to read these tips for how to stop overthinking everything you do (and start living instead).

Write Down The Pros And Cons

Whenever possible, it’s best to make informed decisions. Write your list of pros and cons, the good and bad. Do your research, make your decision and move on.

Life Is Never Predictable

Often when you’re making choices, you’re trying to predict the future. It’s impossible. You can only base a decision on what you know.

You won’t always make the right decision. Accept this. Sometimes you’re going to get it wrong and have to deal with the outcome.

Roll With The Punches

Listen To Your Gut

Once you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and thought through the impact of your decision, tune in to your gut feeling.

Make a decision. If you get it wrong you can deal with it. Not making a decision puts your life on hold.

Don’t Deliberate

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